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Don’t waste your time.
It’s racist as fuck. I gave up after two episodes.

Like, where Homeland is racist in a “we treat brown people terribly but are still actually pointing out that the US causes most of its own geopolitical problems and is constantly fucking the world” way, this show is just straight up terrible.

Two episodes in, the only non-villainous, non-white character is a teenager.

The two black characters are, respectively:
1) In charge of a shady-as-fuck corporation implied to be behind the big conspiracy the show is about.
2) In charge of a unit of PMCs who are also shady as fuck, and who slaughter a group of US JSOC soldiers deployed in Mali, and then start hunting the main character.

The acting is also pretty wooden, the script varies between “terrible” and “tolerable,” and literally every single remotely positively portrayed character in the US plotline is white. And woodenly acted as all get out.
So yeah.
Shitty acting, having Malians universally speak Arabic rather than French or Bambara (or, as the characters are Taureg, any Taureg dialect), really shitty writing, literally casting an entire Occupy protest as 95% white people, a universally white cast for non-villainous characters, racist as fuck portrayals of non-white people (eg, having the only Muslim fathers portrayed beat their kids upside the head with assault rifle butts), White Saviourism, a fucking terribly cliche plotline (”ZOMG CONSPIRACY TO COVER UP CORPORATE CORRUPTION TIED TO TERRORISM!!!”), and just general bullshit.
Don’t watch this shitshow.
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