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All the things!

Okay, so, the day after that last post summarising a few weeks at once?

Found out thesis field work had been totally canceled, because provincial politics and asshat shortsighted politicians and greedy fuckwit companies in charge of things. So that was great.

I basically did fuck all thesis work except trying to force myself to find motivation again the rest of July. I spent a whole lot of that last few weeks there honestly just puttering about and being a lazy shit. It was not great.

On reflection, it's probably why I had to make that dissociation post a month ago, actually. Huh. Either way.

The week after that dissociation post, I broke the hinge on my laptop. Again. So I bought a little ultra-portable netbook-style Asus tablet, which I love. It's tiny, but it's useful and the battery lasts forever, so I'm pleased with it. (Laptop has since been in the shop and is now mine again. The hinge repair required enough work that it doesn't close properly anymore, but the laptop functions fine, so I'm just relegating it to "work from home" status from now on.)

But two days after that, I was in a fucking car crash, because I lost control of my car on a highway due to it being shittily engineered and having a fucking gravel shoulder on it. Car's fucked and utterly gone, but I walked out of it and am fine, as is all my shit, so. Hard to complain too much, even if it does suck to have lost my car to it.

Thanks to [personal profile] hagar_972, a med student friend, and my nurse aunt, recovered fully(-ish) from that within a week and a half, and got rid of the last of the soreness over the past week or two since. So, all in all, a month to "all pain has ceased" is pretty good, I think?

Especially considering the paramedics got out of the ambulance, looked at me, then the car, then me again, and went "Wait, you were the driver? And you're standing? Are you injured?"

So yeah. Car crash, then my supervisor drove me back to Halifax two weeks later, and I settled back in here. That... really covers most of August, honestly.

First week of September was literally just settling back into the city. A friend from home moved out here to start her master's (in Planning), so I showed her around a bit and gave her a feel for the city, and that was a nice way to break up the return to town.

OH! And that week, I also talked to a prof elsewhere about possibly doing a PhD. Which went well, actually, and he wants me to apply in January for the September 2016 entry - though understands I might want a year off before going into my PhD, but wants me "in the queue" so to speak so that he can reserve my place if necessary. (Assuming I get in.)

But yeah. First week of September was mostly seeing friends, introducing M to Halifax, and getting back towards sort-of doing thesis shit.

Oh, and then I binged Killjoys in two days. Also Hagar's fault, sort of. But also great.

Second week of September? Orientation week for new students in our department, and as I'm on the student society, that meant I had to go to most things. Which meant a very, very busy week that left me absolutely socially drained and half-dead on my feet by the weekend. It was good, but also just exhausting. Last weekend, I basically dissociated most of Saturday and stared at the wall. Which, honestly, seeing as I spent probably... 30-40 hours just socialising with people that week, was probably my own fault. I went from near-hermit levels of human interaction to constant people all the time basically overnight, there. And then sustained it for most of a week.

This week was better. Proper classes started, a few good research talks to check out, got some actual goddamn thesis work done (finally), and just. Yeah. It went well, I think. Still probably too many things going on at once, but less bluntly thrown at me than last week's mess was, and with more time to think and react. So far, anyway - next week might prove me wrong, who knows?

Also there were two different food festivals this week and both of them were great. Halifax Food Truck Party on Thursday, and Quinfest today. Food Truck Party was expensive, Quinfest gave me a mountain of free food and then some $3 spicy fries. Totally worth it in both cases.

Overall, it was ... not a very busy summer, and then it became a very frustrating one, and then August was Suddenly Eventful and rather shit. September, so far, has been better. Hopefully, it stays that way.
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