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So my department does a weekly, informal seminar thing on Friday afternoons, where a student, professor, or external speaker (from another department, or another university, or the government, or whatever) gives a short (15-20 min) presentation, and then we fill out the rest of an hour with open group discussion with anyone who can show up for it.

This semester, due to the early-semester-chaos that is typical of September, sign ups for the seminar series have been low.

I'm on the Student Society for the department. And I was the person who brought the idea to do the series forward in the first place, last year.

So I have been assigned the job of coordinating the finding of external speakers, and being their contact point. Whiiiich I was not expecting to be doing.

On the one hand, hey, I'm good at this sort of thing, so sure, why not? On the other hand, when I pointed out in a meeting that sign up was low, I was asking for ideas, not a damn work assignment. :P

On the plus side, one of the potential speakers I contacted replied within two hours and asked for a specific week, so. That should be good, as his field is super cool. (And he was - before retiring - my supervisor's phd supervisor.)

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