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Hi folks.

New blog. Blame [personal profile] hagar_972 .

Quick about me:
  • 24 year old male
  • Canadian (originally from BC, now living in Nova Scotia)
  • Undergrad in physics, minor in international studies, smattering of things like anthropology, geography, environmental courses in there
  • Environmental Studies grad student, working on small-scale renewable energy
  • Gigantic nerd
What you can expect:
Rambling. A lot of it. What about? Mostly...
  • tv shows (Person of Interest and Continuum are the big ones, others as I find/watch them),
  • comics (mostly a Marvel reader, though increasingly getting into Image's creator-owned works (Sex Criminals and The Wicked + The Divine especially), and anything with Warren Ellis' name on it),
  • movies (whatever I bother to see, really? expect these to frequently be horrifically out of date - I don't go to the theatre that often),
  • hiking or places I've been visiting,
  • grad school,
  • occasional bits and pieces of science and philosophy I come across,
  • music,
  • sustainability and the many, many issues I have in grappling with it regularly (as someone who believes in it),
  •  and whatever else comes to mind.
Occasionally, when I have time, I might post things I'm writing or working on, as I'm trying to get back into writing things. (And maybe starting this blog will force me to actually do that.)

I can also be found over on Tumblr, at:
Why am I amidstthetrees over there and grimview here? Because Grimview is my traditional internet and gaming handle and someone stole it on Tumblr before I ever joined, so I went with a description of my home at the time instead.

Why Grimview in the first place as an alias? Because cynicism. :P

You can call me Jordan, though.
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