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So many things to do, so little actual progress being made on things... This is going to be a bit stream-of-consciousness.

I have about four dozen papers open in another window in their own tabs to skim through for relevance to my thesis direction and background stuff I'm supposed to throw a draft together for. That's going to be tomorrow's main task, really, is getting through those abstracts and maybe making a priority order list of how I want to go through those papers and some others I have kicking around.

Several other documents and databases that I need to start familiarising myself with, for similar thesis stuff.

Move to the other end of the province next week, for (more or less) three months, to do my field work and some collaboration with the research team up there. So that'll be fun. At least I've found a place to live at a half-decent price. And I'll still be back and forth, so not totally isolated, thankfully.

Have to sort out a quick MATLAB or Octave script to do some directional interpolation and create vectors from component data, which means playing around with mathematical coding for the first time in a while. (Yay? Sort of? I actually do genuinely enjoy that, when it WORKS, but it doesn't always work.)

What else is on my plate right now...?

Oh right, starting to put together a seminar on the stuff I learned from my trip to Belfast to visit Queen's University's tidal energy labs.

And laundry. All the laundry.

I might work from home tomorrow... but then less work will get done. -_-

On the plus side: Got my expense report and trip report from Belfast done today, and delivered to the people responsible for them. Should have reimbursement cheque within a couple of weeks. And they liked my trip report so much that they requested permission to pass it on to the provincial government? That was weird...


Also, today was a comics day. So comics were read! And others picked up. Including...
  • The Wicked + The Divine #11
  • Inferno #1 (Secret Wars tie-in, X-Men - I'm reading it because it's a story about a version of Magik, okay? Magik is the best.)
  • All-New X-Men #41
  • Secret Wars Journal #1
  • Secret Wars #3
I haven't gotten to read Secret Wars #2 yet, so I haven't started on #3 either; also didn't read Secret Wars Journal just yet. (I'm still debating which Secret Wars books I'm actually going to follow closely, and which I'm going to wait for an Omnibus for. A lot are going to be Omni stories, I think.)

Originally I was going to post the whole comics ramblings and review thing down here, under a cut, but it's long enough that I think it deserves its own post. So, see post above this one, for that.


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