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And is 69 pages long.

I am far too amused by this.

Also: my friends in the professionally-oriented program that is the cognate of the thesis program I'm in will be done next Wednesday, and finished their final degree projects today. This was followed by wine.

My supervisor and I consumed more wine between the two of us than anyone else present, and we were both late due to having a meeting scheduled.

There are reasons we get along. :P

But yeah. The group project that has plagued my last four months is done. The report is done. The presentation and the poster were done on Tuesday.

Everything is done and I can go back to being a real thesis student working on thesis work again.

Thank. Fuck.
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Playing Kezia, in its entirety.

Life goal: achieved.

For those unfamiliar; Protest the Hero are a metal band. Kezia is their first full-length album.

It's also a concept album, about a woman slated for execution. Told from the perspective of the prison chaplain, a prison guard, and the woman herself (the eponymous Kezia). Music may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the lyrics can be read here. And are worth a read-through.

To put it simply... the album is a gigantic condemnation of the way women are commodified and objectified and depersonified in society.

Lyrics sample from Turn Soonest to the Sea )

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*looks at previous post date*

Okay, so... summary mode!

October in Brief )

November thus far )

Things That Have Been Watched )

There. I think that's the important stuff? Mostly? Someone correct me if I'm forgetting anything.
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Trudeau is PM, and thoroughly okay.

I can deal with these results.

But mostly, Harper is gone.

I'm gonna have whiskey before bed.
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Currently winding down, listening to The Strombo Show. This is the best end for the weekend, trust me. Strombo makes every Sunday good.

Afternoon beers, science talk, more beer, a very long day with a friend, an awesome concert, and MORE beer. And then a day of laziness but also productivity. )
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To the extent that I got home at 5.

And promptly did absolutely nothing.

And procrastinated dinner so much... that I ended up ordering pizza for delivery. From a place that is literally 200 m from my front door.

New level of "fuck it I don't want to cook" reached, I think.

Oh well. Tomorrow or Sunday (whichever I have more time on) is lamb steak and a whole bunch of veggies with rice, so. Should make up for it.

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So my department does a weekly, informal seminar thing on Friday afternoons, where a student, professor, or external speaker (from another department, or another university, or the government, or whatever) gives a short (15-20 min) presentation, and then we fill out the rest of an hour with open group discussion with anyone who can show up for it.

This semester, due to the early-semester-chaos that is typical of September, sign ups for the seminar series have been low.

I'm on the Student Society for the department. And I was the person who brought the idea to do the series forward in the first place, last year.

So I have been assigned the job of coordinating the finding of external speakers, and being their contact point. Whiiiich I was not expecting to be doing.

On the one hand, hey, I'm good at this sort of thing, so sure, why not? On the other hand, when I pointed out in a meeting that sign up was low, I was asking for ideas, not a damn work assignment. :P

On the plus side, one of the potential speakers I contacted replied within two hours and asked for a specific week, so. That should be good, as his field is super cool. (And he was - before retiring - my supervisor's phd supervisor.)

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Because I've been virtually silent here; time to update on things of late.

So, June? Mostly reading shit for thesis stuff. Nothing too exciting there, really; hanging around Sydney (Cape Breton, not Australia), working away, and... that was about it.

A couple of small hikes around the island, though, which were cool - trails mostly on the northeast end, out by Louisbourg.

Mostly, though, June was uneventful.

The "mostly" comes in due to heading back to Halifax for 10 days, June 27-July 8th.

Saturday June 27th
Drove back to Halifax, which was good. Went to a friend's birthday party thing, which was mostly good; met some new people, had a few drinks, saw a bunch of friends, etc. All good, if a bit draining. Then it got weird on my way out.

Complaining about a friend being weird ) 

Last few days of June + Canada Day )

The Thursday and Friday of that week were also uneventful; just thesis readings all day.

Last weekend )

Last week )

This weekend )

So all in all, the past week or so has been pretty great. The month or so before that... not so eventful. :P
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So many things to do, so little actual progress being made on things... This is going to be a bit stream-of-consciousness.

I have about four dozen papers open in another window in their own tabs to skim through for relevance to my thesis direction and background stuff I'm supposed to throw a draft together for. That's going to be tomorrow's main task, really, is getting through those abstracts and maybe making a priority order list of how I want to go through those papers and some others I have kicking around.

Several other documents and databases that I need to start familiarising myself with, for similar thesis stuff.

Move to the other end of the province next week, for (more or less) three months, to do my field work and some collaboration with the research team up there. So that'll be fun. At least I've found a place to live at a half-decent price. And I'll still be back and forth, so not totally isolated, thankfully.

Have to sort out a quick MATLAB or Octave script to do some directional interpolation and create vectors from component data, which means playing around with mathematical coding for the first time in a while. (Yay? Sort of? I actually do genuinely enjoy that, when it WORKS, but it doesn't always work.)

What else is on my plate right now...?

Oh right, starting to put together a seminar on the stuff I learned from my trip to Belfast to visit Queen's University's tidal energy labs.

And laundry. All the laundry.

I might work from home tomorrow... but then less work will get done. -_-

On the plus side: Got my expense report and trip report from Belfast done today, and delivered to the people responsible for them. Should have reimbursement cheque within a couple of weeks. And they liked my trip report so much that they requested permission to pass it on to the provincial government? That was weird...


Also, today was a comics day. So comics were read! And others picked up. Including...
  • The Wicked + The Divine #11
  • Inferno #1 (Secret Wars tie-in, X-Men - I'm reading it because it's a story about a version of Magik, okay? Magik is the best.)
  • All-New X-Men #41
  • Secret Wars Journal #1
  • Secret Wars #3
I haven't gotten to read Secret Wars #2 yet, so I haven't started on #3 either; also didn't read Secret Wars Journal just yet. (I'm still debating which Secret Wars books I'm actually going to follow closely, and which I'm going to wait for an Omnibus for. A lot are going to be Omni stories, I think.)

Originally I was going to post the whole comics ramblings and review thing down here, under a cut, but it's long enough that I think it deserves its own post. So, see post above this one, for that.

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Because it was apparently released today, and it's too entertaining not to be shared:

A synthpop music video, with Grant Morrison striking ridiculous power poses the entire time.

It's wonderful. One of two major highlights of my day. (The other was Metric's new song, which, while equally catchy, does not have half so entertaining a video.)

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Hi folks.

New blog. Blame [personal profile] hagar_972 .

Quick about me:
  • 24 year old male
  • Canadian (originally from BC, now living in Nova Scotia)
  • Undergrad in physics, minor in international studies, smattering of things like anthropology, geography, environmental courses in there
  • Environmental Studies grad student, working on small-scale renewable energy
  • Gigantic nerd
What you can expect:
Rambling. A lot of it. What about? Mostly...
  • tv shows (Person of Interest and Continuum are the big ones, others as I find/watch them),
  • comics (mostly a Marvel reader, though increasingly getting into Image's creator-owned works (Sex Criminals and The Wicked + The Divine especially), and anything with Warren Ellis' name on it),
  • movies (whatever I bother to see, really? expect these to frequently be horrifically out of date - I don't go to the theatre that often),
  • hiking or places I've been visiting,
  • grad school,
  • occasional bits and pieces of science and philosophy I come across,
  • music,
  • sustainability and the many, many issues I have in grappling with it regularly (as someone who believes in it),
  •  and whatever else comes to mind.
Occasionally, when I have time, I might post things I'm writing or working on, as I'm trying to get back into writing things. (And maybe starting this blog will force me to actually do that.)

I can also be found over on Tumblr, at:
Why am I amidstthetrees over there and grimview here? Because Grimview is my traditional internet and gaming handle and someone stole it on Tumblr before I ever joined, so I went with a description of my home at the time instead.

Why Grimview in the first place as an alias? Because cynicism. :P

You can call me Jordan, though.